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What is the quality of the products?

Ari&Emma provide mother and baby with the highest quality of products available.
All products are made from  organic and natural materials, the materials have been very carefully selected for their quality.

Do you send boxes to hospitals?

Yes!, we can send the box to a hospital of your choice. In the address box provide us with all the details and we will contact the mother or family for the delivery drop off .

What happens if the mother is not available to coordinate the delivery?

Its best to provide us with more then one phone number so we can contact her or the family when needed. If the shipping company has not been able to coordinate drop off , they will contact the ordering operator to find a solution for delivery.
In case we were not able to reach all contacts , another attempt will be made on the next business day,

Is it possible to self-collect a box I purchased online?

Sure!, you can reach us at 5 Tel-Giborim street, Tel-Aviv. By appointment only!

Pick-up hours are from 9:00-18:00 Sunday through Thursday.

I am missing a product in my box, What should i do ?

before you get worried that some items are missing from your parcel, make sure you have thoroughly checked the packing materials. In case of a mix-up or a missing product, contact and inform us about it.

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